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Resolving Complex Financial and Accounting Issues in International Disputes

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Case Example #2: Neutral Accountant in International Arbitration - French Pension Plan Liability


boxspacerPost M&A Dispute Surrounding a Retirement Plan Liability for a French Production Facility Recorded on the Closing Balance Sheet:

boxspacerDiscrepancies between Asset Purchase Agreement and French union contracts

boxspacerComparison of the assumptions used by each parties' actuary

boxspacerDoes a change in an actuarial assumption (i.e., longevity / number of employees / etc.) represent GAAP inconsistently applied or simply a correction of an error? Does GAAP incorrectly applied consistently trump a correction of an error under GAAP?

boxspacerProvided Final and Binding Award after Determining Appropriate Inputs in the Actuarial Model:

boxspacerDetermined that a correction of an error does not equate to GAAP inconsistently applied


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