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Resolving Complex Financial and Accounting Issues in International Disputes

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Recap of Topics Discussed


boxspacerApproach to the Resolution of Cross-Border and Multi-Jurisdictional Disputes:

boxspacerInternational alliance for collaboration with foreign counterparts, as needed

boxspacerObtain an understanding of the local laws regarding CPA licensing, the type of testimony to be given, and discovery issues

boxspacerUnderstanding of the applicable foreign accounting rules and regulations, and pertinent tax filings

boxspacerAnalyzing the type of publicly available information

boxspacerProviding insight into the jurisdiction country's culture

boxspacerUse of technology and communication tools to facilitate process

boxspacerFocused International Arbitration Team Specializing in:

boxspacerJoint venture, partnership and other contractual disputes

boxspacerPost-acquisition disputes

boxspacerConstruction claims

boxspacerBusiness interruption claims

boxspacerIntellectual property claims


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